What we provide

Your College will walk clients through the entire admissions process

(1) Initial interview of student and analysis of questionnaire
(2) Initial interview of parents/guardians and analysis of questionnaire
(3) Subsequent meetings with student, with parents/guardians
(4) Scrutiny of secondary school transcripts, recommendation of courses of study
(5) Research of applicable colleges
(6) Ongoing research of current higher education practices and trends
(7) Ongoing formal visits by consultant to various colleges
(8) Establishing communication with applicable college officers
(9) Identifying appropriate colleges to apply to
(10) Developing a Student Profile and/or Student Athlete Profile
(11) Creating athletic video to share with college athletic departments
(12) Overseeing college preparation, testing, and admissions processes
(13) Assisting the student client with (a) the admissions essay, (b) the admissions interview, and (c) college visit preparation and scheduling
(14) Assisting the parent/guardian customers with (a) effective means of working with the adolescent, (b) understanding the matching of college and student, and (c) college visit preparation, appreciation, and scheduling
(15) Advising in regard to the final decision after acceptance
(16) Demystifying the financial aid process and obtaining the best deal
(17) Communicating regularly with clients and parents/guardians throughout